He never picked a time for our date, should I text him?

I met him Monday night and he asked for my number, suggesting we go to the movies. He texted me Tuesday evening and we talked for a bit and settled on going to the cinema Friday evening, but we never picked a time, I told him I'd leave the movie to him. It's Thursday evening.. should I text him?

he's not the best at English (brazilian), didn't even realize that it was going to be Friday the next day! but we met up and had an amazing date and he asked me out for a second one which we're going on today. but thanks for the advice!


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  • I wouldn't be very impressed that he had not already firmed this up by Thursday evening and was leaving it to you to ask. But I guess you can give him the benefit of the doubt.

    So, I would send one and only one text but I would wait until tomorrow morning or even midday. I would say something like "Hey, what movie did you pick?" and that is it. If he doesn't respond quickly or firm up all the details (where are you meeting, what time, etc.) I would consider his interest to be small and I would let it go. It's a drag trying to date someone who goes quiet like this.


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