I found my boyfriend on a dating site...

WTF? we met online anyway in order to remember the first conversation we had I searched my inbox and guess what I found. I found his profile, with a new photo so I know he has been on there chatting up girls since we got close. The sad part is that he is so protective of me and freaks about my Facebook and guys commenting on my pics. I mean how does he even get the time he is always with me or talking to me. I am like fine, I will delete my Facebook and I did and he deleted his, but surprisingly that dating account is still up. I deleted my dating account months ago so when I saw it I am thining he has been lying to me this whole time. I mean we are at the exclusive point now which was his idea and we seem happy ... why the F is he on a dating site? I honesty feel to sign up on that site and send him a message. this guy gets worried if anyone even looks at me

I think I should call or text him right now and ask him wtf


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  • Part of the reason he may have freaked out about YOUR accounts is because he knows how HE is with his. Cheaters are often the most paranoid about their partner cheating, simply because they assume their partner thinks and acts like they do themselves.

    Having said that, some guys just like the pursuit and/or the ego boost they get when a new girl shows interest in them, and they get almost addicted to it.

    One way or another, you need to talk to him about this and see what he says.

    • things starting to make a lot of sense now. F this, I'm out

    • So I reactivated my Facebook and guess what, he reactivated his as well, Then I get a message from him a hour ago asking why am I posting stuff on there. We had a long discussion about the profile he has up and he was kike, no I don't use it, he is gonna delete it I don't want to hurt you blah blah, yet still it's still up but he finds time to stalk my Facebook post and reactivate his fb account... I am gonna leave this guy you know

    • Saw one that coming...

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  • Two people should be able to have Facebook accounts and have a relationship, so I think closing those is a bit extreme. But he definitely needs to take himself off the market, otherwise he isn't really your boyfriend.

    • it was his idea to close the account... now I know why, cause he is afraid I will see stuff

  • Whoa whoa. Take a deep breath and think about things like happy clouds.



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  • Make an account on that site, message him without telling him who you really are and you'll find out for sure.

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