Am I just a tree in the forest?

There's this guy I really like at school and I've been keeping my eye on him..

I only have him in one class, but that's alright because I have block schedule so the periods are long..

Anyways, he's a really friendly people person and will willingly talk to just about anyone who initiates or just happens to be near.

I added and messaged him on Facebook and we had a nice little conversation..

Then he said he had to go and he'd text me the next day

"but you don't have my number lol"

"oh right, lol may I have it? XD"(technique or accident?)

I gave it to him.. But he didn't text me.. :(

After the weekend was over, on the way to lunch, (we "convieniantly" take the same route.. I walk with my friends he walks with his) he apologizes for not texting me, he was at his dads house and didn't have his phone on him (bs or no?)

Over the next 2 days we texted

He suggested that I dress up with him and a group of people sometime.. (it's a monthly thing they have.. Just for fun)

I said I already know what I would wear.. As long as its long enough

"Hahaha xD It'd be bad if it was too short baha ^.^"

"You know you'd like that ;D lol"

"Haha course I would, I'm not good at lying hah (;"(flirting?)

He also mentioned that I sound cute when I talk in our foreign language class

I offered to teach him to make paper stars at lunch and he said that would be cool

But I couldn't find him the next day

Then the next day he was doing something..

But after school we talked a bit

And we're texting..

And he just said that he works out and benches 195

So.. Am I just a tree in the forest?


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  • Unless he is like this with all girls he is totally flirting with you.

    • I don't know if he does and I don't want to stalk him until I find out lol

    • You could always ask somebody who is friends with both you and him if this is normal for him.