What does it mean when she says this

This girl texted me last night saying this:

"Hi sorry I haven't replied. I feel really bad but I also feel somewhat overwhelmed. Like I super like getting to know before I THINK about dating them you know? And I hardly text back right away so if I see like a bunch of texts from one person I feel overwhelmed. I hope you have a great night though."

This came one night after I had texted her good night and hoping everything stays good for her. She knows I like her.

It's weird, like some weeks ago, after she had left for school, I called her up and she immediately answered. Although the conversation was lame and awkward, I was determined to reduce my anxiety around her, so that I could know her better and she could get to know me. I wanted to call her again over the weekend by now answer. I texted her again about a week later asking how everything was, what she was majoring in etc etc. And by the time I asked her about her interests, she totally stopped texting. I just assumed she was busy.

So now, the last two weeks or so, I've been texting her with no responses. I've only been sending maybe one text every two days per week. She would eventually reply back to one of my texts with the above quote I posted earlier. She sent me that message yesterday night, and I just noticed it now.

I want to call her later tonight explaining that my intentions were to always get to know her better and that if I was stressing her out with my text messages, those weren't my intentions and that I apologize. But I'm not sure, because I keep thinking that maybe this text she sent me was a more polite way of telling to f*** off.

Maybe I am just over thinking it...


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  • Maybe you should just let her be. Unfortunately she might just not be interested and if you keep texting her or calling her, she might start to see it has harassment, which isn't going to make her like you. Why don't you just let things go for a little while and see if she contacts you?

  • She probably isn't interested and doesn't know how to say it, especially if she knows you are really into her. I always text back ASAP if it's someone I'm interested in.


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