Never had a girlfriend and trying to get a girl?

I have gone on dates, but with girls that I have gotten accustomed to first. Eventually things just don't work out, for whatever reasons I don't know. A lot of times I am like man I would like to have a girlfriend. Then other times I ask myself am I really ready, because I don't know what to do or how to (for lack of better words) to make sure to take care of her (keeping her happy and dealing with other guys who try to flirt and encroach. Never had a girlfriend). Also comes the part will I be good enough in bed (still a virgin), would I be a good kisser (yep never had a kiss, okay I did but it wasn't first base).

Till this day even though I do have gone on dates as stated earlier, I still get nervous for first date. I am always sitting there what am I going to say which is the root of my problem when it also comes to approaching girls I think are beautiful (In my head I am trying to figure out what topics to talk about without repeating things I have asked or talked about with her a previous time, due to my horrible memory), also making sure I look spiffy and trying to be confident and knowing what to do (when I really have no idea, since I know every girl is different.). Also what to do if another guy is trying to get after her.

I am in need of help, even at my age it is just crazy.


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  • I could be wrong, but just by reading what you wrote I'm assuming your an over thinker. Just RELAX. You're even worrying about what to do if another guy is trying to get after her. If she's really into you, she most likely won't care who else likes her.

    My advice:

    - reflect back on all the girls you dated. See if there is a pattern. How were the girls acting or what were they saying to you days (or weeks) before you guys were over? (sometimes we say things subliminally or do things subconsciously) It has to be SOME reason why it didn't work. A girl is not gonna stop dating a guy for NO reason. I'm not saying its your fault. Maybe they were not the one for you or maybe you keeping making the same mistake?

    - improve your flaws. (don't worry we ALL have them) whether its physically, mentally, etc. Don't develop low self esteem and become pessimistic about it all. Focus on improving.

    - go out there & mingle. a girl isn't gonna fall from the sky. you have to go to places where tons of girls will be. (clubs, bars, etc)

    -when you score a date, just relax & take everything in stride. just enjoy yourself and get to know her . dating should be a fun experience. not a burden on if she's gonna like you or not.


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  • Try a slow approach.

    Meet a girl..compliment...ask for her name and number. Text her..then phone her and date her. So you can be comfortable.


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