How do I tell a coworker I don't want to date/see him anymore while maintaining the coworker friendship?

Been going on since March, he's my coworker I've worked with him 5 years, I "dated" him for a couple months, I think all he is after is sex, and I want to end this. I tried to be nice about it and say things aren't going to work out and all that and when he does call for the past month I Haven't returned his calls, I thought he'd get the hint that way but to no avail. Please advise on how I can let him down without hurting him and our work friendship.


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  • Do not lie. Men will take it a face value and get upset when you're actions don't mesh with your words. Say the following: "You're a nice guy but I'm no longer interested in dating you. Sorry." That's it, nothing special. Or if you'd like, redefine the relationship to include sex only, or sex and dating, or just working together, or whatever. It's your call. But be honest, straightforward and don't date people from work ever again!

    • thanks for the response. 3 months ago I DID tell him I wanted to only be friends with him, then he started playing casanova at work again. I will try again ans say what you are saying to say.

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  • I know you don't want to make things awkward between you are at work.

    Just tell him a little fib, say I am currently involved.


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