Don't understand why she changed after so long....

We have been dating for awhile now. We were really close and over the infatuation phase for sure. We got together everyday, and we were happy with each other. Eleven days ago she became cold with me after her mom wouldn't let us see each other for those eleven days. Now she acts distance, and like she doesn't give a **** about me. I have gone and tried to understand her. but she really seems like she went from acting like we were engaged to not liking me at all. It hurts because I am stuck with the idea we can be happy like that, but she doesn't seem to want to try anymore. Can a girl really fall out of love that fast? Any ideas to why she doesn't want to see me anymore? Anything I can say or do? I already told her how I felt, and she said that it is scary how she feels changed, but she is changed. We have been dating now for almost 7 months.


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  • Yeah, girls CAN change that fast... there's a saying that goes "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind." That said, maybe you should ask her what has changed. Prepare to be hurt, because she may say that she lost interest or is seeing another guy. That's worst case scenario. But best case scenario is that maybe you and her can work through that together. Maybe she started looking into a new life philosophy, or she got a new job that's stressing her out. Maybe you might be pressuring her to do things that you don't even realize. For example, to have sex with you, or hang out with you too much or go to that restaurant she hates for the 1000th time. Just ask her how she has changed, and what you can do to help. But be ready if it's not the answer you want. Good luck!


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