What should I do? I want to talk to her but don't want to be in the way

Friends with this girl, we usually text quite a bit compared to most people who are friends. Lately with school starting up again she has been rather not talkative. I have done my best to be patient and she has said sorry for not being talkative and that school was hard to adjust to this year. We still aren't talking much, when we do talk it is only a few texts cause I can tell she doesn't really want to text. How should I handle this? Should I wait for her to start texting me or just keep trying in the evening or every few days? I also am trying to re-ignite her feelings towards me because she is always on and off.


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  • u can't make anyone like you ,but you can ask her if she d like to grab lunch sometime this week and talk about it with her then

  • For me, I'd rather have a guy text me at night, since I'm busy doing homework or just relaxing throughout the evening. You could try texting her at around 9pm, but that really depends on what her schedule is throughout the day. As far as the texting goes...while you're texting MAKE PLANS! If you guys go to the same school then ask if she's up for hanging out after school or something. Oh and, bring some other friends with you. I'm not sure if you like this girl or not but bring friends with you either way.


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