Why he doesn't kiss me?

Hi Guys.

I've recently met a guy. We only know each other three weeks. We hadn't have sex but we've slept together twice,in the same bed,after a party,because we both live on the suburbs. I think he might be attracted to me,otherwise why would he sleep with me,hug me, touch me..

But I didn't know why he never tried to kiss me? We were so close, we really feel something when we're together.

Any ideas?

One more thing-he doesn't have my phone nr. And second - he's a bad looking guy with tattoos all over his body but he's good :)


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  • Probably shy.

    • I'm not sure he is... He doesn't mind touching me or showing that he would like to have sex with me. But he never tried to take my clothes off or make the first step. He's younger than me. Maybe this is just fun for him,but he likes me so he doesn't want us to destroy what's good between us?

    • Try kissing him.

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  • may have false denture either partial or total Not his faulthemayhave lost few teeth due to illness or accident or even fights.

  • Some guys don't like to kiss -not me- but some guys.


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  • I think he is trying to respect you..

    and in his mind, he hasn't gotten the clues from you that kissing and sex is OK yet...