When girls start acting weird?

We're friends. I really don't know what status we have? or what's going on with us.. I like her, but she has commitment issues, so I'm trying not to pressure her. We go out, we hold hands, cuddle but Haven't kissed yet. She tells me she's happy being with me and that she wish to be with me always. People and her family start to ask if we are together we just laugh about it. I think she doesn't feel the same way about me, but she does enjoy my company. We Haven't really talked about us yet, we just do things and I know we're really close friends. Last night, I walked her home and she let me in. We sat watching TV and listening to 50s music that we love (we're teens btw) and she stares at me weirdly and I just kept on smiling, we played games and she would occasionally hug me.. Then she asked me this weird question several times"If I ask you to do something, would you do it?" when I finally said "sure" she said "Let's go to my room" (teasing voice) and I was being skeptical and just smiling and she kept on repeating it until she said "I was just testing you" She grabbed my hand and held it on her chest and I tried to pull it but she hugged it and sleep. I told her that she needs to rest and I should go but she held tighter and said "I don't like you leaving anymore, I like you to always be here" So I stayed for an hour and just watched her sleep. I woke her up and we cuddled and hold hands and she was placing her face near my face I had this great urge to kiss her but I kept my control. And I told her I should leave now, and she let me. But she keeps on saying bye until I reached the elevator. The next day, she's acting weird, she doesn't talk to me often and hardly message me and when she does she seems uninterested. later that night she texted me and she suddenly said goodnight but she miss called and she texted "f*** I'm clingy, whatever goodnight" What should I do? why is she acting weird? I thought we we're almost there and suddenly she's disinterested?


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  • To be fair... as soon as she started showing interest; you started playing it safe. That in my opinion was a bad move. Should have let her do as she wanted with you and kept quiet. She is very much into you but she is upset that you didn't return her affection that day. At the moment she isn't disinterested, just disheartened. She will open back up to you. I'm certain of it.

    On a side note are you Russian? I sense you are of eastern European descent by the way you type.