If a woman thinks like a guy, will the men she dates see her as "relationship material" or just a sex buddy?

I am a decent looking, feminine woman (love wearing high heals, and enjoy dressing up) whose brain is naturally wired more like a guy's (their thoughts, their interests, habits, sexual humor and thoughts interjected into conversations). Do you think that that hurts me on my dates and I am not being seen as "relationship material" because of it? Most of my male friends (who are married) tell me all the time that they wish their wives would be more carefree and that I'm a great "catch," and they can't believe that I'm not dating anyone seriously yet. I don't know when the appropriate time to reveal my true, natural personality is ... I'm a classy lady - I just have a fun, youthful side to my personality too and that's what men seem to be attracted to. But I think they see me as more of a sexual challenge than "relationship material" when I'm myself. Any suggestions?


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  • I don't think this matters a bit. A good percentage of guys you we date just see us as a sexual challenge. Most guys date with their d*cks, not their hearts. So, date and wait. If you don't want to end up in casual sex buddy land, don't make out or have sex until after a guy dates you for a while, you like him, and you are in a relationship.

    Oh, and I had friends tell me what a great catch I was and after a while I got a little irritated by hearing that lol. I had male friends tell me I was attractive and would have no problem finding guys. I finally started correcting them and telling them, yes, I did have no problem finding guys, but I wasn't looking for casual sex, but for a relationship... Personally, I think guys are pickier about entering into relationships than women are. Even great catches take time to find boyfriends. Just the way it is.


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