She ignored me in class, so is she not interested in the date anymore?

I asked this girl out and we ended up having to reschedule the date a couple weeks later. I saw her in class recently, about a week before the date, and she ignored me the whole time. She came up once when I was talking to someone else, and I made a joke to her, and she didn't get it an then went somewhere else. The problem is that I still need to get the details straightened out with her and now my confidence has waned. I was planning on contacting her later this week to let her know the details and so should I just assume it's still happening? I don't know, she just basically ignored me the whole time today, my confidence is shot.


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  • If a girl ignores me, I definitely wouldn't be paying her any attention though, if you're still interested and want to know if the date is going ahead, why not message her with something like "Hey, we still on for Tuesday or what!? Didn't really get to iron out the details since you spent all class ignoring me :P". Anything light-hearted and to-the-point. Unless you're afraid to message her due to the confidence blow?


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  • She may have been having a bad day man, could be 100 different things. Best thing you can do is approach her directly and talk to her about it.

  • hang it out to dry; it'll do you good.

    • I don't get it

    • with laundry, you hang it out to try. It's my way of saying that the situation should be left alone.

    • so just forget about her? or just ignore this particular situation?

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