Would you like to date a girl that knows a lot of stuff but don't like to show it off?

Just wondering how many of you guys would like to date a girl like this...

Imagine if she knows a lot about:

- art history

- geography

- science

- music (knows singers/musicians and how to read musical scores but doesn't play any kind of instrument)

- can speak 2 languages fluently and understand reasonably another 3

- is fairly good at maths

- is fairly good skilled at IT (not a programmer but, more skilled than the average girls)

- knows a bit about sports (mostly rules) and cars

(and after all this)

she also knows how to ''quick fix'' plumbing/electrical problems...


She is too shy to be bragging about and never shows it. if somebody asks, she always brightly answer but people always look at her as a naive silly girl and don't take it serious...
well, I should clarify something... when I said ''She is too shy to be bragging about and never shows it'' I mean... like it happens with almost everybody else, If you don't talk with that person you won't know how smart he/she is, obviously. so, in this case, SHE/me will obviously show it during conversations.

and @ all the guys complaining about me talking in the 3rd person - I talk in the 3rd person because I like to believe that I'm not the only one like this xD


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  • No... If my girlfriend knows her sh*t, I want her to talk to me. I want to learn or have discussions with her about it if I know about the subject as well. I have knowledge and it would be awesome to have an intelligent conversation with my partner. Showing off what you know is different, if you throw yourself out there and talk down to people, that's different.

  • hahahahahahahahahah I agree with the guy under, I wouldn't date a girl that speaks in 3rd person lol...wtf are you? Lebron James or something?

    Plus this question makes no sense what so ever. If you don't show all of that knoledge how the hell are we going to know that you don't like to brag about it? I mean if you don't say it, then you are just like everybody else...so you are no different.

  • Don't understand people that talk in third person..

    I wouldn't date her because I prefer ''smart'' girls, and if you don't show it how would I know that you knew anything?

  • Gotta admit, that's a pretty damn good problem to have.

  • just because you like twilight am going to say no.

    • hahaha

      I just like Mr. Cullen's behavior towards the woman he loves (not actually the movie itself) xD

  • Com portugueses como tu, e temos o paĆ­s em crise...impressionante.

    • hahaha

      Podias nao ser ''anonimo''? xD

    • Eu gosto de ser an?nimo e de passar despercebido. ;)

      Parab?ns pelo teu ingl?s. ? muito bom.

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