Is this her trying to reach out to me?

my ex barely talked to me all summer, change that to didn't talk to me all summer made it seem like the 2.5 years we dated meant nothing to her. so since June I've been NC with her focusing on myself there has been times she stopped by my job we had a little convo then it was back to NC but I've been NC heavy for the past two week since she told me "we would never be the same" but last night she randomly texted me saying " Hey... Just checking to see id your alive. Hope your taking care of your self...Much Love... I didn't reply.. then today she randomly texted me saying "your friend is pissing me off". To me see trying to crawl back in but I'm not going to bite the bait right now because the way she left me I didn't deserve to get ignored all summer so I m just taken the time to honestly better myself... but do you think she's trying to reach out to me


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  • It seems to me that she still wants to be friends with you and wants you in her life, but not in a romantic way.


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