Stigma with dating fat women?

when it comes to dating women, I'm not really picky about their weight. as long as they aren't so skinny that they are bony or very obese, but I have no problem dating fat women, and I prefer curvy women.

but I think there is a stigma though:

1. how could you go from a girl who looks like a model to a fat chick?

2. I thought you had higher standards than that

3. are you a chubby chaser?

4. he can do a lot better than that.

anyone know what I mean


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  • Why care what others think? Your the one dating the girl. Are you happy? Do you think its a suitable relationship? Besides how many people are there out there that are unsatisfied in their relationships because they can't get past these social stigmas


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  • Not really...but f*** them. Its your life, and you'll probabaly be happier than any of them anyways.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think its because we tend to associate overweight people with being lazy. And if you are not fat, and your girlfriend is, then it makes it seem like you're the go getter, just bringing her along for the ride. Which does kinda make it seem like you can do better, like you could find another girl who could bring more to the table, you know?

    But that's just what's been ingrained in us to believe. Who knows where the truth lies.