I think my girlfriend's father saw our messages on whatsapp.. what's gonna happen?

soo I'm in distant relation with my girl so we communicate with whatsapp and viber we even sometimes have phone sex...

so earlier today she said she had to go I don't know where she went but then nearly 3 hours later I try to just check on her I text her on whatsapp.. I notice someone is viewing the messages but not answering, finally after one more hour she replies "sorry phone was with my dad" and he saw my texts he probably saw older messages because he "threw the phone with disgusted expressions and went to sleep"

and awkward silence was all over the place :|

I told her I'm so sorry I'm so embarrassed that I don't know what to say :S

she said don't say anything, I'm going to sleep, bye

I'm so freaking out right now I have no idea what to do...

please share similar experience with me and tell me what should we do about it. thanks.


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  • That happened to me once, expect I was like... 12 and it was my mom going through my phone. Since it's a long distance... chances are you probably don't see her father often, so you don't have too worry TOO much about being shot at. :P And since he just threw the phone, but didn't take it from her or anything, he probably wasn't too MAD, just grossed out by the fact that his daughter was talking like this(like when a dad finds out his 20 year old is pregnant... hence, not a virgin.)

    If I was you I would give her a day or two too cool off, but if she texts YOU RESPOND, don't make her think you're mad at her!:P Just try to talk to her like it's normal and don't bring it up unless SHE does. Because chances are, he'll forget about it. And she really can't be mad at YOU for it. But don't bring it up for the sheer fact that it could bring up those embarrassing feelings I'm SURE she's having! :P

    Anyways, good luck! Everything will work out! (:

    • Thx for sharing your story, but now she's 20 x_x...

      I'm worried about her :s

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    • she probably hates me now right? lol

    • Haha no she doesn't hate you. Its just gonna be awkward being the same room as her dad for while.

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