How do you find easier girls to date?

I'm a 17 senior and I have a problem. Out of the past eight girls I have legitimately really liked in high school, when I asked them out or even just asked them to go to a dance or something, I have been rejected. they either all have boyfriends, or just don't feel like dating. it really sucks because its not like these girls where popular, 3 page model looking girls. they where mostly average girls but have shining personalities, which is what I was attracted to. And no female has shown any interest in me ever.

anyways, how do you find easier girls to date, by easy I mean the girls that don't take much effort to impress. Not a "slut" I'm not looking for sex. I'm just tired of getting outcast because I'm the only one on the football and wrestling teams that hasn't ever had a girlfriend. All of the juniors and seniors at least have someone for homecoming. I hate being the only one who can't go and that has to stay home.

How do you find these girls? I'm not very picky. I don't give a sh*t about trying to get an actual good girl anymore...


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  • Rather than find "easier' girls to date, why not try improving yourself? Tips on how to talk to women, building confidence, and changing up your wardrobe can make you a whole new guy.

    • Already did that, I have a good amount of female friends and a good wardrobe. also, I'm 6'2" and muscular, I don't think I can do any better

    • You missed the part where I said tips on how to talk to women. Getting women for friends and getting women to date are two different things entirely.

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  • Focus less on the girls qualities and more on how she interacts with you. Its the relationship that matters, not how she is in isolation.

  • i feel ya man, you gotta start somewhere. sadly I have no advice for you but felt the same way you do


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