Girls what do you look for in a first date?

What are the major things you observe on a first date with a guy? Let me know which things are most important and why...


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  • Eye contact.

    Nothing is more sexy then a guy with just the right amount of confidence, holding your eyes with his and showing you that he's truly interested.


    Shyness is cute, but don't just space out and stare at nothing. Talk! Don't take too long on one subject and don't ask random questions, be careful what you ask. A lot of girls like being asked questions about themselves and hearing you answer it after they do, so both sides can get to know each other more at the same time.

    Talk about yourself.

    Don't overdo it, obviously, but we'd like to hear a bit about you. Don't be too vague, but don't get too detailed. This isn't an interrogation, after all!

    And lastly, be yourself!

    Don't lie on the first date to impress, VERY bad for both parties and it tells us that you're not exactly to be trusted. Be yourself, that's why we're on a date!

    Good luck :)


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  • I want a fellow to be slightly easygoing, you know, not too demanding, calm.

    Yet I do want him to have concern, ask a couple of surface level questions, show me you're interested.

    The major things I observe on a first date with a guy is his respect level, I will almost always reciprocate the level of respect that's given to me. I'll show you how much respect I have for you, when I say I'm going to the restroom and 12 min later you're without a date ( although this has never happened to me).

    I also check to see if there's any timidness, it speaks to me subconciously, maybe there's something behind it.

    Chivalry, not to the extreme but enough to show that you've been raised properly and if so, to this day, still believe that every woman is divinely made. :) ( I might catch h*** for the but oh well) lol

    • Chivalry I have, I always am respectful in that manner: open doors, car doors, help her up the curb if she's got heels on. Again though I break it up too, I don't want her to feel helpless. I'm just trying to show her I care that she has a good time with a proper gentlemen :)

    • Well hopefully whomever you take out on a date loves this treatment, lol, seems as if you're oozing with it. Great! :)

  • attentiveness...

    then kindness..

    then respect

    • Makes sense, in that order? By respect you mean keeping his hands to himself, not making her feel uncomfortable - letting her be the one to know when its OK to touch; that kind of respect?

    • definitely...i mean I think attentiveness is the first thing we should look for. to see if he is actually listening to his date and keeping up and not being a jerk

  • someone who can hold a good conversation, who can make me laugh, respectful, and shows that he really is interested by asking me questions and really listening to what I have to say instead of acting like he's listening lol

  • Is it fun and can we talk easily.


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