Do girls like a guy but push him away? Why?

It's been a year, we've been friends. She dated several guys and end up with no one, she has commitment issues, and all through this we never stopped talking and her dates would get jealous that she brings me to important occasions rather than them. She says to me that her brother and best friend likes me for her. Now, that I'm trying to make a move although very subtle I don't think she appreciates it. Although we would do intimate things, I'm not sure how she sees me. Until that night where she stared at me for a long time and I kinda felt that she discovered something more deep, I mean she then said that "she doesn't want me leaving her side" and she joked an indecent proposal. But after that night she's acting weird, she don't talk to me, she's pushing me away..I've never said to her that I like her but I think she can see it in my actions. Is she trying to break it to me gently? or afraid to fall in love with me?


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  • i think that she could be falling for you and it's kinda freaking her out...hence her commitment issues. I would try being honest with her and letting her know that you like her. if she admits she likes you too...great and if will be able to move on.

  • Wake up buddy, you're the backup guy.


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