My girl only seems to respond when I send a message?

Me and my date have been texting each other since we met each other last week. The problem is I found she only ever responds to messages when I send them to her first, but never instigates it herself ie. sends one to me during the day to ask how I am. Am wondering why she does it she doesn't like me as much or simply not interested? Or because she is shy? Thanks for any help here...


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  • It's a bit old-fashioned, but many girls still go by those rules. She doesn't want to be overly texting you, since a lot of men complain about that. You should ask open ended questions that allow her to give more than a yes or no answer and a chance to ask you the same in return.

  • Most of us girls don't like to text the guy first.We don't want to seem clingy or needy and don't want to feel like we might be bothering you.Its not that she doesn't care,she probably doesn't want to push you away

    • This. In the beginning, we want you to do the work, so we know you're interested and so that you can reassure us that you do want to hear from us.

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