A friend that I text with sends a lot of messages?

I've known this girl for a little bit, maybe a month but it was from a social site that I go on sometimes and talk to some people I know there. I've never really talked to this girl, but maybe one time. There was one day tho she asked for everyone to message her their phone number and I didn't because I normally don't do that. She sent me a message and said she was waiting for me so I gave it to her anyway. She texted me within 3 min of her getting it and we've been texting back and forth all day for the past few days.

There's a girl on the site that says she is my daughter and she asked my friend, the texter, to be her mother...the girl responded..yuk no and laughed and said not with him and pointed at me and she smiled. So I took it as a joke of course. Anyway over the past few days, she asked me if she's my little wifey, do I have a "big wifey". I don't know what she meant by this but I said no. And she said she doesn't cheat..for some reason she said this too. We've been texting everyday tho and she sent me an early morning text saying good morning and went I got back to her later, I apologized about getting back to her hours later...she said, don't worry bb and put a heart. I don't know if this girl is just being silly or friendly or actually starting to take interest. I'm confused


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  • its like she is flirting with you about the fact that she is your "wife" just being friendly and poking a little fun at a situation that could have been awkward