Don't think she likes me after first date?

Met a girl talked and hung out for a week went on a date last night. It went well but I wanted to take her mini golfing (did not tell her about it) and she said her and her friends were going out to the movies. Her female friend (room mate) and football players. She said she didn't think I wanted to go to the movie because I didn't know the freshmen guys. I was like oh OK so after eating ice cream in her dorm she walked me to my car and said good night and hugged. didn't get a text afterward or anything. I think she lost interest.


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  • how long was your date?

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    • Ok so I talked to her and she said I wasn't coming on too strong or anything she also said that she was not trying to rush into a relationship after only being in college for 2 weeks.So I guess I will take it slow see iif she texts me and what not. ask her to go to dinner with me on Friday?

    • when did this date happen? how many days ago?

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  • DIdn't she say she was going to go to the movies after hanging out with you?

    It was probably late or she hung out with her friends afterward.

    It's still the A.M.. Text her later today and tell her if she's interested in going mini golfing with you.

    I don't understand why you (or any guy) would plan a surprised date but not tell the girl. Then, ya'll get sad about it (and think she may of lost interest) when she ended up having other plans.

    • How about asking her to study? Homework day.

    • The reason he didn't ask her is because he wanted to be a bit mysterious; guys usually never tell a girl everything they got planned for a date, want to kind of surprise you - makes it more exciting for you girls. :). However she had other plan, no bid deal... she still went on the date with him. She's showing she has a life and he needs to too.

    • Okay, stick with playing games and see how far it will take you. -_-"

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  • Nah, she may have just had plans that night; but still hung out with you anyway and was going to catch them at the movies. I would stay a bit distant and play it cool; see if she contacts you in the next few days. I would lay off contact for 4 days at the very least, then maybe ask her out again.


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