Is it a good idea to plan a surprise for his birthday when I'm not sure where we stand?

I had a first date with this guy at the beginning of August and we hit it off amazing, and hung out another 3 times after throughout the month of August. We texted everyday with it being about 50/50 with who indicated the text/phone calls. This continued until He went on vacation at the end of August. He just got back a few days ago. During that time we really didn't talk except one or two brief text messages, but he dropped me a text when his plane landed back home.

We haven't really talked since he got back a few days ago, and I wanted to plan a surprise for his birthday, since he celebrated it while he was away. I'm planning on baking him is favorite dessert, and then having us spend some time at the beach, looking at stars through a telescope since he's into astrom. like I am. My question is, is this a good idea, seeing as how we haven't really talked since he originally left? I dropped him a text saying I have a surprise, asking if he was free tonight or tomorrow, and he said maybe tomorrow...but I'm not sure if planning a surprise when we've barely starting dating, and haven't talked the past few weeks is a good idea or not...


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  • Yeah go for it your being nice


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