Advice For A First Date?

What advice would you give for a first date?


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  • Dont be too touchy feely. Don't talk about sex and ex gfs.

    Dont talk about death.

    Be chilvarous.

    Be polite.

    Be funny.


    Compliment her but only twice...not constantly filling her up with compliments.

    Um...dont get into a fight.

    Dont check out other girls.

    Dont text or call someone else during your date.

    Dont be a slob.



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  • First thing is to be polite :) Try taking her to a place that's interesting like a amusemt park or go to plaster fun time or something like that! Just give her the impression that you really thought of it! I'm pretty sure she's been to places like a cafe or the movies! Make it really fun as much as possible and have a good convo! :D


What Guys Said 1

  • Some place public like a local tea/coffee house, don't pick her up (unless she asks) better to meet separately. Avoid talking about previous boyfriend/girlfriend unless she brings it up first. Avoid talking about sex... unless she brings it up first. Stay cool, and be yourself.

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