Last night he saw me in a bar, but didn't come and speak to me.

Me and this guy have been texting each other since June. Was just bits here and there to begin with but over the last month we have been texting every day. Anyway last night he saw me in a bar, but didn't come and speak to me. He said it was because I was talking and he was really drunk so he didn't want to make a d*** of himself. Legit or not?


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  • Did you notice if he was with another girl? If he wasn't I would say he is probably telling you the truth. Sometimes I'll see soneone I know but won't approach because they look occupied. I would give him the benefit this time.

    • no he was out with the lads. He was just stood with lads. I was a bit pissed off that he didn't come and say hi but then we texted today and he said he saw me and explained why so.

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    • Thanks. Can I ask. I have always had this problem. Why, for an example, can a girl touch or grab say a guy's stomach, but the girl in return will not let the guy touch her? She's in great shape?

    • like I said before girls are just more insecure than guys. Even though you think she looks good, she might not feel that way.

  • Legit


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