Is this real or am I being played?

I've been seeing this Guy for almost a month the first time we met was great we ended up kissing most of the night and we've had sex like 2 times very like intense eye contact, kissing etc... he comes over as often as possible we lay in bed cuddling most of the time . we don't talk much when we are together he's shy and so am I we text each other almost everyday he told me he really likes me and he can see us together I feel the same .we always miss each other when we're apart all this is going on and we are not at the dating stage yet am I being played or is it real ? he's a aquarius I'm a scorpio that might help answer the ?


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  • I don't believe in astrology, but if you're giving it to him on the regular, that's maybe what's bringing him back. Try pretending you can't have sex for some time, and see if he sticks with you

    • 2 times in a month is like a drought for me and him we both are very sexual people. we mostly cuddle and sleep or play xbox

    • Oh sorry I didn't read that properly, I thought you said you had sex twice the first day you met him

      The best way to know for sure is ask him in intentions

      But if I was to guess, I would say it's real

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