Is it bad to talk to a girl a lot before you have an opportunity to date?

So this girl I had a fling with is moving back after being gone more than a year. We kept in touch when she left and I visited once. There were also a couple times where we stopped communicating for a few months at a time. It was just complicated. Distance really complicates things.

Well after not talking for 3 months, a decision based out of the unhealthiness of our relationship, she contacted me.

She is moving home. She will be home in 2 weeks.

Since she told me she has texted and emailed me pretty frequently this past week. I think that is a posetive but I'm wondering if its bad that we are talking so much when she won't be home for another 2 weeks.

I've always understood that talk is good but you use phone and email conversations to set up face to face interactions. But since she isn't available to date for another 2 weeks I don't know if we should be talking so much. I feel that conversations with opposite gender are usually a build up. A build up to a phone number, or a date, maybe sex. But the conversation leads to an end note. In my case the conversations build up to nothing since we can't see each other for 2 weeks.

I'm just wondering I'm making her more excited to see me or we are going to burn ourselves out before she's back.


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  • May I firstly ask if you really did like this girl when you had your "fling"?. Was it a sexual encounter or romantic?. She may be wanting to come back and get to know other people through you so be careful that she is not just using you as a person she can meet other guys through. Did you use her in any way at all and then toss her aside?. Could be her revenge if so as women can be very devious. It is not wrong to talk on cell phone, email etc as it does allow you to get to reknow the person and judge whether or not you still really like them. Texting is so impersonal I feel. Just do not give her false hopes in case you change your mind and want to bail out. It is only fair to both of you after all. Best of luck hun.

    • Our fling & the visit I made was PG-13. We never had sex but have fooled around & kissed every time we've been in person. Actually in this situation I am likely the one that needs to not get my hopes up. I am really drawn to this girl which makes it hard. I never did anything negative to her. In all honesty I've been super supportive & she knows how nice I am. I know I like this girl but I am freaked out about her feelings for me. I just don't want to ruin this awesome opportunity with her return

    • Well all in all then do not be afraid. Guage things when she returns and if all is okay...go for it. Be brave! Good luck.

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