He recently started to be rather sexual in the context of his texts but when questioned, says that at our age it is okay.

I have been talking to a man on the phone, texting and emailing now for the last 4 years. He recently started to be rather sexual in the context of his texts but when questioned says that at our age it is okay. I feel that as I have not even met him that this is a little fast.

Can you give me your honest opinions please.


I forgot to add that we are 400 miles apart and were both just divorced when we started to chat online. Last year it changed as we had both "lost our baggage",
Come on you guys please...i need help here!
It is never okay to begin a sexualrelationship before you meet "the man". Hey, come on gal. Would you do that in life. Surely noto so pay him the same priviledge unless you just wish to be another sex cam olly. Sorry... x


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  • Why haven't you met over the last 4 years?

    • We live 400 miles apart.

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    • Yes I do.

    • I would agree to see him and hold off on the sex just to be sure. But remember, he has been talking to you for four years, that's an awful long time and energy to put into someone if you just want sex from them.

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  • no help needed. step up the plate or leave the guy alone. its not 1950. If your uncomfortable and don't like it then don't but he does so let him find someone who does and that's closer to home.. sh*t both of you should

    • Hm...thanks for that but we both do like each other and want to meet at the end of September. It is arranged.

    • You sound so much younger sorry as do not mean to be rude. We are not kids who just lay it on the line as you all can do.

  • its been four yrs.. no man is going to wait forever. geesh its phone sex not anal. If your not into him that way.. let the poor old man go ..making him wait four yrs...wow.

  • 4 years,is he from Antarctica or what ?

    • Hm yep 400 miles away!

    • That was a no answer lol.

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