We see each other three times a week but never really go further than kissing

I've been seeing this guy for about a month and a half, he spent the night at my house two weeks in because my family went out of town. We did some stuff but we didn't have sex because he got too excited. No biggie it had been awhile for him

We see each other three times a week and we always make out to say bye but he has never made any real move to get me back to his place(granted he shares a room)

We aren't officially dating and he says he isn't looking for a relationship but we are going on dates all the time, he always pays, opens doors and so on- so we are dating without calling it dating.

Ive met his friends- they love me, and my friends love him, and our groups get along together too

Any clues on what's going on? As far as I know he's not seeing anyone else and I doubt he is talking to anyone else.


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  • I think he wants to go further but he's not comfortable to. What do you mean he was too excited? And It sounds like you guys should date. Do you want to go further than kissing?

    • Well when he brought up the"what We are" convo it was a month in or so and it felt too soon for me to even have that convo. It didn't even cross my mind until he brought it up because I was just enjoying being with him and seeing where it went naturally.

      Well I had to sto giving him a hand job during foreplay because he was gonna come and heavy making out just excited him too so I gave him oral and he finished. But sex was definitely what would of happened if he didn't. Yes I'd like to have sex!

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    • Oh right- not sure how to fix that on my phone- you go unanon and I'll add you :)

  • He got too excited? lol! What did you do to get him to blow before he even got in you? Why didn't you just keep playing with him till he was ready for round 2? If you turn a guy on so much that he cums before he gets in you, you won't have to wait long before he's hard again.

    • Muhahaha! Welll... A few things :P

      He fell asleep!

    • Do tell! ;-)

      And if he falls asleep, that's fine too. Just pass out with him, preferably naked. You'll be pretty much guaranteed that he'll wake up with some raging morning wood and you can pick up where you left off! :P

    • So any luck keeping him going long enough to enjoy it?

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