Is constant texting really necessary for a starting relationship?

Recently I have met a girl through a friend's party and we have started to hang out quite a few times just the two of us, once even with her best friend, we really connected well and always had too much things to talk to each other about, followed with constant laughing at jokes and smiling/staring at each other.

Funny thing is, we both aren't very good at texting and we never text each other about anything other than to plan when to hangout or go out together or to meet each other for just a few minutes to walk to the vending machine. Is this weird? Are we just friends who have no mutual interest in each other? Since we don't actually talk often through texts.

recently she also has exams so I try my best to support her mentally by helping with her revision and she also ask me to go grab a quick bite with her at the nearby restaurant just a day before the exams.


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  • dont think it matters, texting is just like any other communication, its integral in a relationship


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  • I think texting in relationships is different with every couple. Some people just don't like have full conversations over text messaging. It sounds like you two are on the right track to becoming a couple and not just friends. So I would say keep doing what your doing.

    • hopefully I can remember what exactly I'm doing right at the moment lol

    • Lol, just be yourself! Don't try to be who you think she wants you to be because eventually she'll realize that you aren't being real and question your whole relationship. She'll wonder things like, "Was anything that we had real or was it all a big joke and game?" Girls can be very paranoid because there are a lot of "players" out there. So, just stay honest and truthful and she'll see that you're a really nice guy who isn't trying to take advantage. Good luck! =)

  • No. Haha I hate people that feel they have to constantly text you to feel loved. It's just pointless to do it alllll the time.

    I personally find a guy who does all the time to be very annoying. But it sounds like you make it clear that you want to hang out and stuff. Everyone once in a while a casual text conversation other than planning can be nice though. I think you're all good here though :)

    • once in a while I would do that, but recently she's been busy with her exams so I only text her for good luck and told her if she's needs help she can find me

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