First date and second date changes?

He was really gentleman with his talk and insisted to pay for the first date even I offered to go Dutch

On the second date he couldn't stop drinking and kept talking about sex all night. And he let me pay for my share when I offered. He then tried to kiss me but I turn him down cos things didn't feel right. Then he said you are very pretty but I don't know what I want from you. But obviously I'm vaguely attracted to you.

I told him I'm not sure what I want from him either as I'm only getting to know him. We chatted a bit and I called it a night later he put his jacket around me held hands (first time) with me while walking me to my car then saying he will be in touch.

Have I done anything wrong to cause these behavior? Or he was only pretending to be a gentleman on first date? Is sex all he wanted?


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  • He probably felt a little shot down after you rejected his kiss - it's possible all he wanted was to get into your pants. But in my experience - rejection causes bitterness - so it's possible he was being a sincere gentleman.

    I don't think you really did anything wrong...

    • I rejected his kiss cos itself only the second day also I was shocked about the changes on the 2 dates. I don't know which one is the real him. That's why I didn't kiss him.

      You think he'll be in touch like he sad?

      I agree rejection causes bitterness guess that's why he sad he is only vaguely attracted. On another note him holding hands wih me after rejection was really confusing

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    • I reassured him that I'm interested in getting to know him. He said its OK if you don't want to kiss me now, cos you didn't say you will never kiss me.

    • Well, maybe he is genuine then

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