How many dates does it take for a guy to decide?

How many dates does it take a guy to decide if he wants long term or just sex from a girl?


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  • Honestly? Just one, but me personally two.


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  • usually just one.

    i wouldn't f*** her till I decided tho.

    or we'd just f*** but not go out, just be FWB.

  • It takes me 30 seconds to know if I want to have sex with a girl. It takes one date to know if I want her as a girlfriend and it takes 3 months to know if I would marry her.

    • He ended first date by kissing my hand and aske for second date right away.

      On second date he was non stop drinking and talk about sex all night. He ended up takin me to his condo. We were just talking at first and then he tried to kiss me. I rejected his kiss cos he seems so different to first date. He respected that and we talke a bit more and I went to go. He then walked me to my car while holding hands with me (thefirst time he held my hand) does it mean he decided he only want me for sex?

    • Not enough info to know that but maybe

    • Asker... He sounds like a big time player.. But maybe he was heavily intoxicated that he couldn't see boundaries :-x

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