I think my colleague has a crush on me. Girls, I need your advice.

First off let me explain that I barely dated because I was in the military and moved to a lot of places. I am not trying to sound full of myself, But I have been called a good looking guy and I have a great physique (gotta set an example for my fellow Marines).

Ok onto my point. I am currently going to a community college and I get a lot of attention from women, especially when I wear my uniform.

This female in my bio class has caught my attention lol. I don't know her name, but she can't keep her eyes off me. I can't tell how old she is, probably my age. Whenever our eyes meet, she lights up like a 16 year old girl and quickly turn away. There is something about her that tells my gut, "go for it because she seems like the right type".

1 big problem is that my professor has setup the class to where we can only talk to our group, and this female I am interested in is in another group beside me. Should I ask her to study with me when the class ends?

man this is like middle school all over again for me, I got little experience in dating and I am desperately in need of advice.


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  • Yes go for it. She probably won't make the first move though, most girls seem to do that. I'm not one of them, but I see it happen a lot.


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