How long should I wait before texting her?

Texted this girl for most of Saturday and Sunday evening. She seemed to enjoy texting me, the conversation never had points where it was like 'what to say next...' though the texts were slow because she isn't the type of girl who pays attention to her phone ALL THE TIME. She made ways for the conversation to continue, like when I said something that didn't really have a way to answer she would bring up something else to talk about. Sunday night she stopped texting around 11, didn't send her any kind of 'off to bed, night' but just left it with my message being the last thing said. Should I text her today or should I wait a few days? I will see her on Wednesday at my Church youth group.


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  • Text her if you LIKE her

    If it were me I'd want to hear from you especially if I LIKE you to

    And I don't check my phone every 2min either

    • But I am not sure if she likes me or not, she does then awesome but if she doesn't then I don't want to come off as a creep and destroy any potential friendship. She is a hard girl to read as well. What would be a way to get her interest to spark even more?

    • What does she like? ask her text her about what she likes and stuff like that

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  • Well if you ask me, I'll want a text from you and I'd like you to be the one to start a conversation and make ways for the conversation to continue this time. :)

  • eh, just text her. 0.0 boys... so complicated.



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