How do guys feel about girls who use emoticons?

Especially on first dates, second dates, etc.? Does it look desperate or clingy? Or does it look flirty? If she doesn't use them, does she seem pissed or uninterested? Is it safer to use emoticons than not? Please explain this to me, I am utterly new at using emoticons, and always prefer phone over text. But I don't want to give guys the wrong message. Ugh, why can't we just go back to land lines...

I had to update a guy about my availability as I said in my last text and I didn't use emoticons since I hadn't heard from him and didn't want to seem like I was all flighty and desperate. And I think I just looked pissed. Was this a wrong move on my part? How do I make it up if it was? Stil haven't heard from him and it's been 5 minutes! Lol...


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  • If you want to go back to land lines and only phone calls you can! =)

    You can also tell that to the guy. Maybe he feels the same way? Does he?


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