When a guy texts and IM's only. No calls, is it a bad thing?

Maybe some guys are not big talkers but why don't a lot of men like to make a 5min phone call nowadays. I remember in high school 4 years ago I was a senior if you liked somebody you would stay up on the phone all night all fall asleep on them 4 years later its totally different! The guy I'm trying to get to know only text and i-ms me on Facebook it's only been 2 weeks but why is that?


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  • It's not a bad thing.

    When I met my ex in high school (junior year), he and I used to IM constantly for several hours a day. We started dating 6 months after we started talking, and we were in a relationship for nearly 3 years.

    My ex never really talked on the phone with me, so we exchanged thousands of IMs per day, and hundreds of long emails over the course of a year.

    To give better perspective, I've been seeing a guy for about a month now and we've known each other for 3 months. We constantly email each other. He even prefers to text me rather than call when we're meeting up somewhere, but when we do meet up he's pretty chatty.

    It's not a bad sign that he doesn't call you. It really depends on the guy. Most guys don't like phone conversations at all, unless they're very, very outgoing and talkative.

    Maybe the guy you're talking with just isn't comfortable with talking on the phone, or maybe he's not ready yet.

    Try calling him for random things, and casually extending the conversation.. see where that leads. Maybe he'll take the hint. :)


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  • Its the evolution of communication. People have conversations through texts and IM's. I used to call and talk to a girl until she fell asleep on me, now I text her until she falls asleep on me. I miss the conversations but now I can hang out with friends and text until she goes to bed. Not to mention since texting has become a mode of communication, cell phone companies have started offering unlimited text, but you are still buying plans by the minuets. So texting is often more ideal than calls. Its just the way technology has started moving, but phone calls aren't dead, if you have his number call him and say you want to hear his voice.

  • I think the style of communication has changed a bit, but also think he's shy.


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  • this guy I was dating, never used to call me.. we would text each other the whole day but no phone calls so I just got really frustrated one day and I just asked him why doesn't he ever call, so he said he doesn't like talking on the phone much.. but since after that day he started calling me everyday! lol


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