Is this guy legit about me?

I met this guy through pof, on our first date I gave him a bj and he finger banged me. I had to go sneak out and see him the second time, he was really persistent on sleeping with me. I'm a virgin, he is not. He lost it in high school. I'm confused because he says things like "no one has ever made me feel the way I feel for you in such a short amount of time ". I don't really like him that much and I'm considering of meeting people without the use of Internet . He is rushing into things and I feel uncomfortable . I'm worried he just wants to have sex and I'm a virgin, I'm not ready and I wanna lose it to someone special. I noticed that whenever we do kiss , things escalate really quickly and I don't even notice its happening. That's probably why I rushed things on the first date. Ditch the guy? Or keep him?


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  • He's just feeding you that line of bullsh*t to get in your pants. Do yourself a big favor and ditch him. Don't give your virginity up to some loser looking for a peice of ass. Find a guy who will respect you and like you for who you are and won't push or rush things.

    • Yeah I feel like he is playing a game with me. I don't think this is the way it ought to be. I know that if a guy really loves you, he will make it obvious to you and he won't make you question for one min weather he cares or not . because that's what my relationships in the past were like. I also feel like its hard for me to tell whether he is being honest or bullshiitiing me

    • Trust me I've been there and I've used plenty of fish before. It's full of bullsh*tters. If he really cared about you he wouldn't be pushing so hard for sex. He would want to do other things that don't involve sex and wouldn't need sex from you to be happy. And you guys only been on two dates. Someone who really had feelings for you wouldn't be so quick to say all that junk and would want to get to know you first.

    • Yeah you are right, I think it's best if I just ditch this guy. I feel like he is a waste of my time and I don't feel like we have much chemistry

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  • Ditch him, save it for someone else. You already have one a**hole in your pants, you don't need another.

    • Lol OK thanks , I will do exactly what you say

  • Ditch him! Trust me, there is a guy that will make you feel a way in which you know you're ready :) promise! Sounds like he's a desperate for vagina type of guy

    • Yeah I'm a little worried because I have had friends that end up losing it to the wrong guy and then they envy me because I'm still a virgin. I just don't want to make a mistake and end up regretting it later on in life. Do you think if I talk to him about it then it will solve the problem? Maybe if I just explain to him then he will restraint himself? By the way, when I snuck out , I told him three or four times not too but he was still pretty persistent. Eventually he just gave up

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