Best Friend. Dating ex, should I feel bad if I've got permission?

So I have two best friends.

One is a girl lets call her Jane and one a boy lets call Joe.

So Jane and joe get together about a year ago and things were fine for a couple of weeks and then Jane decides there better friends and breaks it off without anything getting serious.

A year later and now Joe and I realize we both like each other. I ask Jane if its okay for me to date him and spend more time with him, not wanting to breach girl code. She said she doesn't want to stand in my way. Now Joe and I are not serious at all yet, at the moment. But I can see it developing, don't know if I should feel bad or not... ? Any advice?


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  • Ok if Jane and Joe saw each other for 2 weeks a year ago, how does that entitle Jane to rule the rest of Joe's dating life? Esp. if she's the one who broke it off. If he left her with a kid, that's one thing, but a two week fling?

    Like I can't fathom to tell my friends some girl is undatable because I had dated her for two weeks a year ago - it just makes 0 sense. Is it because I left her she is labeled a bad person? Or because I have a permanent right (among my circle) to claim her back?

    Please explain this part of the girl code

    • its just that I've been friends with "jane" for about...15 years. I would hate to do anything to upset her, just things are going so weell with joe id hate to get too far down the line with him and then break it off because my best friends unhappy.

    • Right but I am still trying to understand in what way would you or Joe upset Jane if she left him a year ago after two weeks. That is the part I can't seem to get - what specifically could be upsetting to her in this situation?

    • seeing us two together and that would make her feel awkward!

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  • Don't really see why this should be a problem. It'll be awkward, but that's how things go. Adults would act like adults and not get bent out of shape over it.

  • keep on what your doing and see how joe reacts... he can't have you and jane at the same time. can he ?

    • "Joe" says he really likes us being more than just friends, I just don't want to breach any girl code.

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    • i understand, and your advice is useful and he's not doing that, they are just friends. :)

    • hope I could help ;)

      but you know what :D I would choose different names rather than joe and jane ... this way they just sound like twins :P

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