First date wasn't good

I like this girl a lot and we went out on a date but it was kind of weird we talked like 65% of the time, a few laughs, But I want her to like me a lot and I can't see her until next week, I have her number should I text her every day or be a bit more subtle?


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  • Listen to me man. Zero texting...I repeat zero texting. Wait to talk when you see her next. Be calm be patient. You can read her so much more easily in person. Her facial expressions (does she smile at you, or look at the ground)...does she seem happy to see you? Will she have a convos with you face to can read her body language..which will tell you volumes. Don't waste the valuable hints/signs by sending a lame text message. link

    While talking in person you will quickly determine your chances of getting a second date or not. If she talks...but seems less interested than before/during the date...then just say, Hey it was good talking to you..goodbye. If she seems just as interested as before...talking smiling etc...then feel free to ask her out on another date then (be specific about times). Or you could just call her that night, and ask her over the phone. Good luck bro.


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  • First dates are almost always incredibly awkward.

    Give it another chance, especially if you really like her.

    You don't necessarily have to text her every day (might end up happening anyway) but go ahead and text her. Good morning / good night texts are always a sure shot and an easy way to get a conversation started.

    • Like just say Good night and then shut off my phone? Also wouldn't girls think that's a little weird?

    • Err no... like tell her that you're thinking about her, and that you're going to sleep or something, that you hope she sleeps well and that you'll talk to her the next day or something?

      Maybe go with a good morning text instead x_x

    • No girls wouldn't find that weird. It is nice to get texts like that.

  • first dates are always nerve wrecking. everyone gets nervous. She was probably just as nervous as you are and didn't know what to say. If she said yes to a date than chances are she likes you. Give it a few days than call her and see if she wants to hang out in something that is fun rather than dinner. next time just relax


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