Why would a manwhore pay match making agency to look for long term partner?

For a good looking manwhore who is loaded in his late 30s and wants sex fast wouldn't he be better off to escort or wild single party?

He took his dates out and trying to sleep with then on second date. People who wants a relationship shoulnt rush into anything physical

Why would he bother going to decent match making agency to look for girls?


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  • 1) He's looking for high quality girls that would never have even agreed to go out with him otherwise

    2) Maybe he really wants to be a relationship-type guy now, but is so used to sleeping around, he defaults to that behavior. He doesn't know how to build a real relationship or hold back sex while still maintaining attraction.

    His "success" when he was younger will lead to his "demise" now that he's older. The biggest manwhore in my town, who was practically beating girls off with a stick in his mid-twenties, now can't find a wife in his mid-thirties. He has the sexual experience of George Clooney, but the relationship experience of a 12 year old. No woman over 18 will sign up for that, and the ones who will, don't meet his standards since he's used to having the pick of the litter.

    • The man whore is still very good looking and has a very successful career. So I gues he can still attract girls?

      Interesting insight about he might have 0 relationship skill if all he I'd was banging women. He claims that he longest relationship he had was 5 yrs

    • Being good looking helps, as the guy I'm talking about has let himself go. But honestly, those guys have a very hard time later on. Not only with having relationship skills, but with getting girls to trust him.

    • Agree, I don't think I can trust a manwhore. Especially if they take teir dates to their home on second date. Women would have no other options but think all they wan I sex even if he might want more

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