Girls if a guy offered you this what would you do?

If it was your birthday and a guy you knew, and had previously seen/dated before (nothing wrong with what you had just not a good time for you), told you that he got you a present and that it is a "coupon" to take you to dinner (just you two and pay for it) but you were seeing someone, what would you do? what would you do if you weren't seeing someone?

What would you think of the offer? (do you think it would be a date?) if you wanted to say no how would you say it?

Keep in mind this guy still likes you and would do anything for you but he also doesn't know if your seeing someone currently


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  • good question.

    i would. no harm in it jus dinner not a date or sex. I would think it was a nice offer but if you use a coupon some girls may nt like that for some reason cause they'll feel your cheep or insulted. I would not feel like that but some women might depending where you eat.

    i would think the coupon was running out and the guy wanted to use it and I jus happen to be convenience since it was my b day lol.

    nothing wrong with it, I would say sur I wana go, tell my boyfriend hey ima have dinner with a friend.

    if he didn't know I was dating any1 I would say, sure ill go, leme ask my boyfriend if its okay. so I dint lead him on

    • lol its not an actual coupon to a restaurant. Imagine on a piece of paper a guy wrote "Coupon: Romantic dinner for two, me and you, expires: never" or something like that. Its not a literal coupon, its just a pretend thing that says to the girl "hey I wanna take you to dinner so here's my offer and you can take it or leave it"

    • awwwww. that's so cute. ima do that for my bf! hehehe

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  • If I was seeing someone I definitely would not go, but I would think it was sweet/thoughtful, but definitely decline.

    If I wasn't seeing anyone and I didn't think you as more than a friend, I would accept but make it clear that we are only friends so I wouldn't lead you on. I would think it was a date, but if I set the ground rules early that we are only friends then I would still go.

    If I wanted to say no, I would just be like thanks but no thanks (in a kind way, of course!)

  • If I was seeing someone, I would find it extremely inappropriate. If I wasn't seeing someone, and he hadn't hurt me when leaving me, I would considerate it.


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