Is it a bust?...questions that are causing me to feel down

This guy and I meet 2weeks ago (Sept. 3rd), and I texted him 1st the next day! We talked non stop for 8 hours straight. And it was great. He texted me first a majority of the time from then up until the 14th. Even after hanging out, each time he would text me first like 2 hours later. Then all the sudden his and my texts where kind of dry, and response times where like 20 - one hours apart from each other. And I have also noticed that on the 14th I texted him first, 15th he texted me (we talked for maybe 2 hours), 16th me, 17th me again. And today we Haven't talked once...

Could that be bad thing?

Is it possible that he just lost interest because we talked everyday since the first day we meet?

Should I wait for him to text me first? And if so should I wait some time to respond...and say "sorry I was busy the past two days?"

And if he doesn't text me by tomorrow night should I text him..Like is it possible he could be waiting for me to text 1st?

I know he could be busy but these questions have ran through my mind all day...

...I honestly wasn't looking for any one and then he came along. I was only into him a little bit, up until we hung out alone for the 1st time, that's when he kissed me for the first time. And now that I actually like him, I wanna know is it a bust? or am I over thinking it?


there is an age difference..Im 17 (18 in 4mouths), he's 22. We Haven't told each other our ages directly, but I have given little hints that I'm 17, I think he knows, and we just don't wanna say it cause then we will have to talk about it. But regardless of it when we are together conversation is never dry, and we are always smiling.


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