Girl who never initiated contact?

I dated this girl for about a month, went out 3 times, really had chemistry and share much of the same views on life and have many of the same likes (music, books, films, etc.). She was brought up in a pretty conservative family and it's the reason I only hugged her at the end of each date. After a month, I mentioned I like hearing from her (her replies) and that she should feel at ease in initiating contact if so inclined. I brought it up in a joking manner, saying she didn't have to wait 'til I was dying to reach out, which she took kindly to, but still didn't initiate in the next 2 weeks. She's always receptive and seems genuinely excited when I do text (using '!' and referring to me by my first name a lot), but am not going to contact again to test if she reaches out. Your thoughts?


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  • Oh my gosh this is theee most frustrating thing! It always sucks being the one that initiates contact every time! Tell her, that it'd be nice to hear from her, i.e her starting the conversations..or saying maybe you should text me when you want to have coffee or something like that..


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  • too early to put it to the test without more specifically outlying that it lays on her. & its probably not a good idea to do that so early in the relationship. Get on her after you talk on the phone for 21 different days in 4 weeks and you call her EVERY time.

    You are dating and if she's as conservative you say- then men are the aggressor and take the steps forward. & she'll respond.

    Call her. texting is like high fiveing vs a kiss

    • Thanks, but I've made myself vulnerable time and time again and she must know she's not the only one who appreciates positive feedback. If this is a symbol of what's to come in a relationship, I want no part of it.

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