What do people normally do after a first date?

I just got back and I am on Facebook and she is also on Facebook but it seems weird to me to talk to her and it also seems weird not to talk to cause I hope to become close with her sigh what do people normally do after a date?


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  • If you ever have a situation like this again, it's best not to say anything for the first 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, you seem a little too eager, and you may come off as clingy. If she initiates the conversation, that's a good sign, which means she was excited about your date and really wants to talk to you! If not, don't take that as a bad sign, because she may not be paying attention to who's online. If you get past the 10 minute mark and can see that she's still obviously actively online, just say "Hey, I really enjoyed our date today. Maybe we can do it again sometime?" and wait for a response. If she doesn't respond in 5 minutes, just leave it and get offline, and it will seem like you meant it as a message.

    • thats pretty smart, but I already said almost the same thing when saying bye haha

    • lol well, then there's not much to say the same night as the date, so I'd wait for her to initiate, or just pretend you don't know she's online. lol

    • again smart xD

  • Just talk to her. Your making a mountain out of a mole hill


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