Do you think I pissed him off?

I had plans with this guy I texted him are we still hanging out later? he didn't respond till a half an hour before we were suppose to meet up. He responded asking if we could hangout a little bit later. I said yea sure when? no response for 2 more hours. So I just texted saying that I made other plans and we could hangout another time. Well he hasn't texted me back in almost 4 days. Did I blow it? :( how do I get him back? I just didn't want to look desperate like I was waiting around forever.


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  • Maybe he had some stuff to take care off but man, 4 days? I bet he's missing out, or, not to be bad or anything, maybe he found another girl to hang out with. Or you know, he's busy. You should say Hi to him though and slowly talk about the topic that you were to hangout so you would know what happened when he didn't text back.

    • I texted him today with hi but no response. Would it piss you off if a girl said that?

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    • He was def into me though

    • You could wait for him to text you back or if you see him, say Hi. Then ask what was his reason for not texting you back. Simple as that. Just smile when talking to him and look at his eyes. If he looks away, he's definitely shy and nervous looking in yours.

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