Guy I'm dating canceled on a special date last minute? Need insight please

So the guy I'm dating has been looking for a job ever since I met him almost four months ago. He's been looking really hard and I've definitely been there for him through the hard and draining process - driving him to some interviews, letting him use my printer for resumes, etc.

He got an awesome job offer today and texted me right after (I was in class) to let me know. I offered to take him to dinner tonight to celebrate, and he said yes.

Then he went to play soccer with his friends and when he got home, he said he wants to reschedule because he is way too exhausted.

He did get up at 6 for the interview so I bet he actually is tired... but why did he agree to the date then cancel last minute? We see each other probably 5 days a week, it's really odd for him to cancel and it hurts my feelings honestly because he knew how excited I was for him.

I was really really excited for tonight and I feel really sh*tty that he canceled.

Honestly, why do you think he'd do that?


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  • Because soccer was fun and he didn't think of how exhausted he'd be after it. The good thing is he has definitely celebrated the way he wanted to but that hopefully he can still celebrate with you another day!

  • There could be a million different reasons. Just reschedule and see what happens.


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