Is our friendship done?

So I was best friends with this girl for a while and we started dating not too long ago. We had sex a couple times prior to dating and it never changed the friendship. We were really close. But we tried the dating thing and it just didn't work. We weren't together very long maybe a month or so.

Now it's getting really tough to talk without a fight happening. We had never fought in all the time we knew each other before this. No one cheated or anything else bad so the breakup should have been and was amiable. It's still very fresh, are we going to be able to go back to the friendship or should I just move on and figure it's a lost cause? I feel like she's pushing me away whenever we talk...

I still really care about her though, and I don't want to lose our friendship.


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  • Let her know that you want to keep the friendship regardless of what's happend and you want to keep her in your life even if ya aren't togeather as a couple. If you don't mind my asking..why didn't the dating thing work out?

    • She was pretty recently divorced and just didn't feel ready (the reason we didn't start dating until recently even though both of us were interested). Otherwise everything seemed pretty good to me at least.

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  • Having dated some best guy friends before, sometimes it gets weird. I found myself worrying he wasn't really being my friend to JUST be friends, but to sleep with me too. I've lost guy friends because the sex part got in the way. explains this really well. But, if you find a new girl, or she finds a new guy, you can go back to being friends again, but might need some space first.

  • maybe she has developed feelings and needs time apart to regroup her self,give her time and maybe you can begin again.


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