Does he like me as a friend or more??

Ok so he got someone at work to ask me out but I said I would see becasue I liked someone else at the time. He added me on Facebook that same day and we chatted breifly. Anyway nothing happened with the guy I liked so we ended up swapping numbers and have been texting since July. It started out as just odd day here and there, then we didn't text for 2 weeks. I text him after the 2 week and since then we have texted pretty much every day apart from about 2. He seems interested but hasn't asked me out yet?

Here are some pointers that might be the reason.

1) when I gave him my number I said we could text as friends (big mistake I know)

2)he said we will have to go out sometime and I said yeah we will but he hasn't mentioned it since.

3)we have both hinted at going out

The convo is sometimes very flirty and we both out kisses and say night night etc ect.

What do you think is going on? I feel that I have made it clear that I like him but maybe he thinks not?

Also he was in the same bar as me last weekend but didn't approach me. the next day whilst texting he said that I was chatting and he was really drunk so didn't want to make a fool of hiself.
Also think he has only had one serious girlfriend and she dumped him to get with his mate, this was nearly a year ago and the first time he text me (the day after I gave him my number) I was on holiday and he knew that whch makes him seem interested?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should text him and hint around that your available to go out that is if your heart isn't set with another guy when you give guys the impression that you can text as
    friends that could be a big mistake and could of turn him off but than there seems
    to be mixed signals going on with both of you so just play it cool but let him know
    if you really like him it seems like him flirting with you and stuff he is still interested
    but he may still have mixed signals going on in back of his head


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he does like you as more but since you told him as friends he's taking your word for it.


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