Is there any race that you consciously choose NOT to interracially date? Why do you do so?

The topic of do you date inter-racially, or "stick with your own kind", has been beaten to death on this site or elsewhere.

BUT, a topic that has NOT been touched upon much at all, is people who are open to interracial dating:

but consciously choose to NOT BE OPEN TO DATING ALL RACES.

As in, they consciously choose to not date people of a certain race, but are open to dating other races, including their own.

Ex: this person meets somebody that they find attractive of another race and finds him/her intriguing, and the only reason they don't pursue that person is because he/she is [insert race here]. In essence, the person's race is the only "roadblock" to dating them.


Are you, or anyone else you know, open to interracial dating in general, but consciously exclude certain races in your / their "interracial dating options"?

Why do you / they automatically eliminate somebody as a dating option although you / they found them attractive and intriguing?


Be as detailed as you wish in your answer (I know reasons for this can vary greatly and have different origins).

P.S. Guess the pokemon! :-D


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  • Black girls/guys will be the general consensus

    Most users on here are white and only like whites & most of the non-whites on here only like non-whites

    That said, I don't consciously choose not to date guys of any particular race. But I don't often mingle with middle eastern or Indian guys, so I'm limited. Though, Arab-American guys are ridiculously attractive. I'd date one, given the opportunity.

    Oh, nevermind, I lied. Although I'm biracial, I don't particularly like guys who are mixed with black/white. They're usually cocky & full of themselves

    • i disagree actually. I am predicting black girls and Asian guys will be the consensus...guess well have to wait and see haha

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    • well, for me, I'd only be reluctant to date a black women just because I am not big at all down there, so I worry she would laugh after seeing all the huge endowed black guys.

      And though I'm white, its the white women why I got my screenname lol.

      100% agree about mid eastern men. Growing up in that part of the world, I've heard many non-Arab women say the same thing.

    • yeah, you're right, all black women care about is penis size

      good job on proving my point

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  • I'm open to interracial dating but as a black girl I find myself more attracted to white guys. That doesn't mean I wouldn't date a guy of any other race, because I look for a connection on a personal level as the main criteria, not skin color.

  • I guess I don't have these limitations. I had crushes on Caucasians, Turkish, Russian, white Americans... I also knew a black guy who I'd easily have a crush on if he hadn't been 10 years older than me.

  • I've done interracial dating before, but I specifically avoid dating black men... why? because in my city they seem to all fit the same stereotype and not a very good one at that (even the suit and tie guys still manage to have "baby-mamas" and play idiots). I truly have yet to see a black man in my city who deviates from this. Even my best friend who's a black guy fits the womanizing stereotype (considering he's a single dad o.O ), I always pick his bones for it, and he admits that this issue runs among the community. I also avoid Muslim men, but that's for very obvious reasons. I don't tolerate any of that "women are bellow us" religious crap. (point of reference: I've dated Asians, Indians, Dominicans/ Latino, and European white)

  • I will not date any race that isn't black, mixed/mulatto, or Caribbean Latino. It's easier for me to say what races I would date vs all the ones I wouldn't. No racist, we can be pals, but I don't see myself compatible with other races long term. Number one, I'm more attracted to those races and number two we have a more similar culture. Some white guys are cute, but that's about it.I'd never date an Arab, Indian, Asian, etc


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  • White girls usually because they're easiest and I'm only after long term relationships


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