My girlfriend cannot kiss well?

her and I was walking around at the park

it lead to us kissing

BUT it wasn't too good... it actually turned me off

i was trying to fix it instead of enjoying it...

the way she kissed was her sucking my two lips

yeah not cool...

i told her "i think we need to practice..."

so how should I teach her?

how kissing be taught to your girlfriend?


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  • well, first of all you should give her a piece of minty gum or a mint and some chap stick and then just start of with small little pecks on the lips and then keep going alittle deeper each time and don't just start by making out with her. Obviously she's never really kissed a boy before you so just be patient with her and things will work out.

    • She has but she told me "not alot"

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  • just go "hey.. I like it like this..." then show her.

    i've actually told they guy I'm dating now that he used too much tongue right after we kissed the first time. I said, "wow... that's a lot of tongue!", in a joking/fun/nice way, of course.

  • Well, I would be very open about it.

    just be like, hey babe, I think we should be adventerous, and try new things.

    lets start by this, try (then kind of tell her how to do it)

    ..maybe even show her a few different way and then ask so which one do you like.

    or make cute names for them and say the name of it before you kiss. (:


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  • Watch the Movie "Cruel Intentions".